Chairman’s Message

Thank you for visiting Azkaar Welfare Trust®’s official website.

Azkaar Welfare Trust®, is a registered private social welfare organization established to provide marriage support services to the poor orphan girls all over Pakistan.

Orphan girls are a very unique and sensitive segment of our society which has been neglected ever since, making them vulnerable to exploitation.

Azkaar Welfare Trust® is working hard to safeguard these poor souls and to make them married honorably. At Azkaar Welfare Trust® we search and scrutinize the deserving cases of orphan girls according to a set criteria and arrange to collect donations to finance the basic and mandatory expenses for their wedding including the necessities of living (clothes, utensils, utilities) and meals for the Nikah ceremony for a limited number of guests; all to get them married honorably.

Azkaar Welfare Trust® does not promote or advocate the tradition of giving Jahaiz (dowry), but it’s a hard fact that many orphan girls in our society are living in such a poor socioeconomic setup that they are unable to get married due to lack of even the very basic items of daily living. In this context, upon request of the needy, we thoroughly investigate their cases and try to help them with the basic items of daily living to enable them live a less arduous married lives.

So far we have conducted several such activities in Southern Punjab and one activity in Lahore with the support of some great philanthropists.

We strive to carry out our services in such a way that the self-respect of the subject is not hurt and the guardians could fulfill their obligations honorably.

In this context you can help us achieve our goal by either providing us house hold items useful for these orphan girls in this regard or can directly bear the expenses of their marriages as a whole, the details and mechanism of which are available with us and can be discussed upon request.

There are so many poor orphan girls in our society who need your timely support and I’d encourage you to join us and bless us with your Sadaqaat, Zakaat and other donations to enable us make the lives of these orphan girls happier like yours, which surely has a great Ajar & Sawaab in duniya and Akhiraa (here and hereafter) inshaAllah.

Thanks and may Allah bless you.

Dr. Mirza Azkaar Baig
Azkaar Welfare Trust ®


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